President Trump Update: September 29, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, September 29th

A Cambridge librarian doesn’t accept Melania Trump’s Dr. Seuss books. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. This tackle libraries. So listen then yes then came bridge I think Cambridge fork elementary school this the librarian. Pack. Decides now to not accept a book or several books from Dr. Seuss given terror by maligning a trumpet. My friends her behavior was disgusting. Disrespectful. And insulting. Whenever you get a block from anybody especially the president or the First Lady you should be thankful and grateful. Instead this morning back. Said that the books were cliche to Dr. Seuss is now cliched according Turk and steeped in quote on quote racist propaganda. Would all due respect. We don't pay these people for their political opinions or to indoctrinate our politicize our kids. We paid them to be librarians. And when you dead books for free especially from the First Lady. You say thank you. She should be fired. And that's the truth on trump.