President Trump Update: September 28, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, September 28th

Trump unfolds his new tax plan. Kuhner says he voted for Trump to cut taxes, build a wall and repeal and replace Obamacare. So far, Trump hasn’t come through on his promises. Are you disappointed like Kuhner? 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Does trump Scott's plan help or hurt the middle class. Listen to the president unveiled his tax plan and he vows it will lead to weigh middle class miracle. This is hey once in A generation opportunity and I guess it's probably something I can say that I'm very good that I've been waiting for this. For a long time. We're going to cut taxes for the middle class. Make the tax code simpler and more fair for every day Americans. And we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth. That have left our country and most people thought left Arab country for good. Yet will it deliver what trump says it will that's the question. And so my friends when you think about it the plan has some very excellent elements Stewart. It is pro jobs it is pro growth and it is pro investment. It will collapse seven brackets to three a 35%. Tax rate in 25% tax rate and a 12% rate. The heart of the planned is a cut in the business corporate rate from 39%. All the way down to 20%. So when you add all of that together it will simplify the tax called. It helps small medium sized businesses. And it encourages investment. And massive job creation. As John Kennedy put it they rising tide lifts all boats so in a macro economic sense. This plan I believe unless it's really badly damaged by congress as it makes its way through. The fundamental principles. Will unleash and economic boom which is country desperately needs however. In terms of tax relief for ordinary middle class families. Very many of us will actually pay not less but more it depends where you live. If you live in low tax red states. You'll get a body two to 3000 dollar tax cut however. For people like myself and most of you who live in a high packs blue state like Massachusetts. Or California or New York or New Jersey. Ironically. A middle class family say yeah for. Making about a 100000 dollars a year. You are taxes will go up. Over 3000. Dollars why. Because the high tax dates have been able to deduct. A lot of their private property taxes. Our state taxes local taxes they have managed to get them deducted. When they pay their federal income taxes and that helps cushion the blow. Those deductions. Will no longer be there they will be eliminated. And so in the real world somebody like Jeff corner is gonna end up paying 23. Maybe 3500. Dollars more. My friends that's not tax relief for the middle class that's sticking it to the middle class. And so. When I voted for Tron I voted essentially for three things. I voted for him to repeal and replace obamacare. I voted for him to build a wall. And I voted for him to cut my taxes. Put a few thousand dollars in my pocket instead my friends here's what I've gotten so far. Obama care is here to stay. My health care costs continue to go up the wall I haven't seen it so far and my taxes will actually go up. Mr. President. I'm still with few and I still support shoe. But in all honesty so far you've done almost nothing for meat and millions of your supporters. Make real tax relief for middle class folks like myself we will back Q. If not this tax plan leaves me cold. And that's the truth on trump.