President Trump Update: September 27, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, September 27th

President Trump says NFL business will “go to hell” if they don’t change their ways. Do you agree with President Trump? Kuhner does!


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On. We just sooner. Is the NFL's business model importing believe on the path to eventual bankruptcy. President trump weighed in roll with Britain. I think he had the ability and Bob. I think they're really bad about. Look at what happened with the lady if you look at what's going and frankly the only thing that. The game everybody would see what's going on. And it. That's what they're doing it in my opinion NFL head. Boy it's gonna happen and it did that didn't go to. He's completely right. Already now the verdict is pretty much in. The meals since TV ratings the NFL is down 11%. From last year. And remember the excuse they gave last year for their ratings decline last year. It was because of the election while there's no election this year. And the ratings are now down 11%. And it's gonna get even worse. Boycotts are now being issued across the country fans are burning their jerseys and merchandise. People are now starting to turn the dial why because we don't wanna CR flied. Our anthem and our country disrespected. And insulted. My friends the NFL thinks it's bigger than America it is cents. They work for us we buy their tickets. We buy their product we watched their games without us the NFL cannot make a dying. And you know what there is an incredible new survey out. That show hosts that the NFL. Is indeed trouble. Asked point blank. 64%. Of those surveyed say. They stand with trump. The players should stand up and respect that National Anthem and what is even more dangerous. Is that those very people surveyed doused. Why are you watching less football. Their answer is 69%. Of them. Because they don't wanna see politics. On the field. When your in uniform and on the field we want you to play football. We don't wanna see social justice warriors. We don't pay for them to be politicians. We play for that we paid for them to play football. Trump is right to the NFL. Change your waist. Or you're going not all be fired. And that's the truth on trump.