President Trump Update: September 22, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, September 22nd

Is Elizabeth Warren Trump’s biggest challenge in 2020? Kuhner says yes. What do you think?


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The troops on soft we've just sooner. Here's Elizabeth Warren Trump's biggest enemy is. My friends. She is now planning Toronto obviously not just for reelection. But more importantly. To leave the Democrats in 20/20. To stop trump from winning reelection. She thinks she can achieve success where Hillary didn't. She believes she can win over the Hillary wing and the Bernie wing of the Democratic Party well I've got news for her. My video in my confrontation with her is now gone everywhere it's on fox fox news's web site. They daily caller the gateway pundit The Washington Times Sarah Palin has now re tweeted it. It's gone viral and it exposes her for the fraud phony and hypocrite that she is. She took money from everybody. She did consulting work for Goldman Sachs for JPMorgan Chase for Citigroup. For travelers insurance. And other words she may rail against big business and Wall Street. But she took millions of dollars from the so called 1%. Chic is the 1%. She has a mansion in Cambridge she's worth north their fifteen million dollars and all she's done. Is a Weiner pockets live like the 1%. And be a part of the 1%. My friends. Trump now has all the ammunition he needs to scalp that she and take her down. Elizabeth Warren may talk like Bernie but she acts like Hillary follow the money and if you do. You'll see that Elizabeth Warren is nothing more than a fraud. And eight crony capitalist. Donald. You've got her. Do us a favor and politically. Take her out. And that's the truth on trump.