President Trump Update: September 1st, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, September 1st

President Trump says he will not vote for DACA. Kuhner warns President Trump to not sign The Dream Act. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Don't do what Mr. President. My friends they're setting off the president trump for a major trop. So now the president is going to announce that people expect. This weekend and and led act now Obama as illegal executive amnesty. That prevented the U legal alien children. Who were brought in by their parents illegally into the country from being deported in fact they get work permits. Will trumpet is now gonna end that program however. Congress now says they will ride to the rescue. North Carolina Republican senator Tom Ellis. They Ryan no global history went through is now sponsoring legislation called the DREAM Act what is the DREAM Act. They would essentially give amnesty. 22 point five million so called dreamers. Illegal alien children. Young adults are people into their twenties. They say that it's no fault of theirs that they were brought into this country by their parents and sold. After five years there will get to stay here five years after five years they will then get a green card. And after the green card they will then get citizenship. Up to and including the right to vote. Paul Ryan O Ryan says he backs it. Moderate rhino Republicans backed it. Many Democrats are jumping on board to billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. Of Amazon supported through in thrill. The open borders lobby and corporate interest love it however. Don't sign it Mr. President. For many reasons. Number one you'll undermined the rule of law. You'll be trade your fundamental promise to your voters and you'll carve out an exemption. Give special status to a group of people who came into this country and violated and broke our laws. You league goal is illegal. Is illegal. If you signed that bill Mr. President your base will revolt. And your presidency. Will be in serious. Real trouble. Don't do it and that's the truth on trump.