President Trump Update: September 18, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, September 18th

Black Lives Matter turns protests into violence and rage. They shattered windows to businesses and assaulted police officers. This all comes after a police officer was acquitted of fatally shooting a black suspect. Where is AG Session and the Trump administrations? Kuhner thinks they need to crack down on BLM. Do you?


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On fall we'll just sooner. They rioted in Saint Louis over the weekend again. Yes black lives matter were out in big numbers. This time they targeted a suburb just west of Saint Louis. They hit what's called the university looped it's a very nice shopping area there's the university nearby well it didn't matter. They came because they protest did they judge's decision. That essentially said that a police officer ray white police officer. Was not responsible. For the shooting death of a black criminal who happened to be an urban. Drug dealer I heroin dealer. I'll put the police the way massive car chase how drugs on him had a gun on him the judge ruled it was they lawful shooting. And black lives matter talk their fear Rio. On the streets. Business is as windows were shattered. Bars. Our boutiques you name it severe property damage. They walked on the streets they took over the streets they assaulted police officers. Eleven police officers were hospitalized. One had a shot or draw the other one had a shoulder dislocated. My friends. This is not just vandalism. This is not just thuggery it is mob rule and domestic terrorism. Nobody gives black lives matter at the right to Rampage. Everytime they don't like eight judicial decision Horry verdict. It's time to say enough is enough. And my question is this where is attorney general Jeff Sessions. Where is the trump administration. Why will they not designate black lives matter eight domestic hate group. And they domestic terrorist organization. Yes. Labeled them for what they are terrorists. And the next time they do something like this. Order in the National Guard or order in federal troops it's time to start rounding them up and throwing the book atom. It's time to restore. Law and order. And dots the truth. On trump.