President Trump Update: September 15, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, September 15th

Ann Coulter believes it’s time for a third party. Kuhner says she’s right if he signs a deal with DACA. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Promising sign. In our big guys got amnesty lead to weight potential third party. Well and Coulter believes yes she went on the Lars Larson show and said the Republican brand will be permanently damaged and destroyed. And this could lead now to the rise of a third party from the ashes. Call it a constitutional as party and America first party a Conservative Party a Populist Party whatever it is. I gotta tell you on this one I believe and is correct. If trump goes forward with this. And gives amnesty and we're talking now not just about the 800000 so called dreamers. But the DREAM Act that's making its way through congress would give amnesty to their parents. Teh family members. And even though 400000. Refugees. Mostly from El Salvador and Haiti. We're talking over three point seven million people. He would be the largest amnesty in American history. And he gets nothing for a or may be Tolkien improvements in terms of border security but no wall no. No re exact known nothing. It will shatter and splinter the Republican Party. Because then it will show. That it's dog owners and the chamber of congress completely control it and it is at odds with the interest and values of its base. My friends. I did not vote for Donald Trump picked cut deals with shock and Nancy and Ryan and McConnell. On how they can give amnesty to those who came here illegally and broke our laws. I elected him to build a wall. Cracked down on Sanctuary Cities and deep port be illegal aliens. I've voted to put America first. Mr. President. This is your read my lips moment. And when George Bush 41 broke his seminal pledge. He lost his conservative base and went down to defeat in 1992. To then. Bill Clinton later known as Bob Bob the serial sexual predator. My friends. Trump will be primary if he goes through with this he will be a one term president. And the Republican Party I believe will be smashed and blown up into smithereens. Any third party is going to emerge. And I promise you. I will be one of those who leading the drive to create a new America first party. Mr. President. This is our red line. You cross it archer apparel and that's the truth on triumph.