President Trump Update: September 14, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, September 14th

President Trump cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on DACA. They will give amnesty to 80,000 “DREAMer’s.” They will fund more border security, however, there will be no money for the wall.  


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The troops on soft we just sooner. Amnesty dawn and that's what's right for use is now calling president triumph. And in all honesty I can't disagree with them. The president now laid out his vision for a final package a final agreement. On amnesty for daka beneficiaries. And it goes something like this. To get Paul Ryan Orion support. Mitch McConnell support Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer trump is now willing to grant amnesty. To 800000. Of this so called dreamers. Bluster their family members is going to be about two million in all if he signs the DREAM Act. In exchange. For massive border security funding. Not the wall. The wall he says you're gonna get all later. But they'll find more border security. More drones more ice agents more assets along the southern border. Don't believe me. Listen to the president himself this morning. Before flying off the Florida. Back. About. You get that the book. Right now renovating lock that we'll all. Got a green without going back we'll have like. It's got. And that's the problem Mr. President the rhinos are on board the chamber of commerce is on board. Nancy Pelosi Schumer and the Democrats on board you know what that means the swamp loves that which means it's bad for America. If president trump goes through with this let's be crystal clear. If he signs this kind of a deal. You're never gonna see the wall gave built if you can't use the darker amnesty for leverage to get the wall then we're not gonna seal wall. But even more than dot this is gonna blow up trumps base. It's gonna be here repair a bold damage. You are not going to be able to believe anything the president says because mr. trump with all due respect Mr. President. You didn't tell us this during the campaign. You told us no amnesty under no circumstances. And so now your flip flopping because you think it's the politically popular or expedient thing to do. No known all. Amnesty is bad for America. It rewards law breaking it rewards criminal behavior. And it punishes and penalizes Americans. I dated the legal way. And if you're gonna give amnesty to these so called dreamers what you are telling the entire world. Is that the best way to get into America. It's too sure come vent the legal immigration system just come here illegally and be sure you bring your kids. My friends it is a very dangerous precedent. That will destroy the rule of law destroy our sovereignty. And I believe ultimately destroy trumps presidency. Mr. President. Don't cross that line you'll never be able to go back. And that's the truth. On trump.