President Trump Update: September 13rd, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, September 13th

A private dinner where Paul Ryan attended. It was leaked he said there is no chance for a border wall. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Republicans are most. In the wake of the pricey dinner that Paul final line hell with leading members of the Republican leadership. Here is exactly what he told them according to an exclusive story in bright part. He mentioned every single Republican there that he will not give from funding for the wall. No matter what under any circumstances. And according to Ryan only one Republican in the entire leadership. Actually supports the wall. And so Ryan is now telling the president and the administration. You may have campaigned on the wall you may want the wall. But you're not gonna get the wall. My friends someone's got to tell Ryan we elected trump not him. That I missed the memo dated in between the election in November. The president won he didn't. And it's about time that Republicans realize. That trump is in control of the administration. And that he was the one that brought them to the dance they rolled his coattails back into power. And the wall is the centerpiece of Trump's America first agenda. If he does not enact the wall he will likely not get reelected in 21. And I believe that's the ultimate reason why. Ryan and the rhinos are dead set against it because we all know. They would rather than Hillary one in November then trump himself. That's the truth and Mr. President if you're listening. You now need to realize. Your biggest enemies. Not the media. And it's not to deep state and it's not even the obstructionist Democrats. It's the Republican Judy c.s in congress. Ryan and McConnell. Must go. Build. Walls. And that's the truth. On from.