President Trump Update: September 12th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, September 12th

Time to end NSA spying. Kuhner doesn’t think mass surveillance of Americans should be allowed. Kuhner advises President Trump to vote no on Section 702. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Should we continue to amass surveillance. Of ordinary Americans. I'd say absolutely. Hell no my friends eight major debate is now breaking out in congress. The media refuses to cover it. In which revision or section seven alt two of these five Isa IP Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Is now up for reauthorization. Sectional 702 is B key provision. That allows the National Security Agency. To spy on you that's right. To read our emails. Listening to our phone calls go through our social media. It is the linchpin of the national surveillance state that has been erected by both bush and then the Obama administration's. It's time to reported to one and don't ring new section 702. It is Timmy illegal. On constitutional. And fundamentally. Un American. The government has no business. Listening in on our conversations. Reading our private communications. Or spying on its citizens. This is not America. This is east Germany this is the Soviet Union and this is Nazi Germany. My friends Rand Paul is leading the charge and on this 1 I am completely whipped him. Since 9/11. Our political elites and the deep state. Hijacked those that docs to grab an amass as much power for themselves. And we are not only less secure were now all sold less free. Call your member of congress and tell president trump. Vote no. Jury in new 702. And that's the truth on trump.