President Trump Update: October 9, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, October 9th

Kuhner explains President Trump’s DACA deal. Trump plans for border wall, more deportation agents and a crackdown on sanctuary cities. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Healed porn known field. President trump now unveils his version of comprehensive immigration reform and my friends here is exactly what it lays out. He will give the Democrats and the establishment Republicans. Amnesty for the beneficiaries. Of Dhaka this so called children. But in exchange. He wants the following. A commitment to build a wall. To fully and finally and all Sanctuary Cities. And to mandate that all employers in businesses and firms carry. And on top of that. He wants a law that will be passed. That will enshrine the rights of local state and federal authorities to deport all illegal immigrants. In other words Sanctuary Cities will be a thing of the past. My friends. It is a brilliant move by the president. Because what he is now doing. Is he is proposing something that no one in our lifetime has ever done and and two we legal immigration. It will solve the crisis once and for all. And if you say you love the dreamers and you say you care about the dreamers he's offering them amnesty. And I'm telling you owe the Democrats and the Republicans. Will not take it because what this will show for the whole country. Is that they are putting their donors. Or their political interests above the so called dreamers in other words they don't care about the kids. It's all been smoke and mirrors from the beginning. Trump has just check made it his opposition. And he's done it. Brilliantly. And that's the truth on trump.