President Trump Update: October 6, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, October 6th

Should we ban “bump stocks?” Trump’s administration says they are open to talking about it. 


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On. We just could winner should we brand bumped off. The Democrats. Yes good media says yes Republicans. Increasingly say yes. And the White House well they're now open to wait. Listen this are Huckabee Sanders. Has been a big supporter of the credit and you are also did its order of the president. Look as I said just a few minutes ago. We welcomed certainly that and a conversation on that that hasn't changed. It's and there were very open to and again we wanna be part of the conversation on that moving forward. In other words if they've got the votes in congress the president will sign it. Now look in theory would bomb stock should do is. They help convert semiautomatic. Weapons with AAR fifteens. To be able to deliver for a short sustained period of time. Automatic fire bursts that's all they do. There is no evidence whatsoever. That they would have prevented the massacre in Las Vegas in fact if anything. Bumper stalks if you know anything about them they actually lead to. Our weapons heating up like let's say AR fifteen the medal begins to melt down. And because there are loosely fitting in very wobbly they lead to very imprecise and inaccurate saying. Mowlds professional shooters don't wanna use some. Because they say it's hard to aim properly with the bomb stalk. So if anything and they are fifteen is deadlier not with a bomb stock but without a bomb stalk. Now I don't care about bomb stalks. You wanna bantam is not the end of western civilization. But it would do nothing to have prevented the massacre in Las Vegas nothing. There's even no evidence it would have saved one life. The issue here is not bombs stalks. The issue here is something deeper and worse. The White House is starting to capitulate to the media narrative. That the issue is about guns. Gun control when it is in. We have had mash shootings now for the last twenty to thirty years. Is it because there are more guns available is it because of the technology. Miette. We had guns in the 50s6080s. The fifth the availability of guns we should have had mash shootings. Throughout the Eisenhower years. All the way through the Reagan years something has changed in our culture. And this is what nobody wants to talk about we have a sick culture. That is reducing warm mass killers and more match shooters. Whether it be column buying sandy hook or in this case Las Vegas. Why are we talking about rampant drug use. Prescription drug medications. That we know have dangerous side effects and our mind altering drugs. There's Sioux word that is Hollywood. In other words there are so many issues that we can be talking about about what is wrong with America. That were not. And that's why am against this proposal. Because there is a capitulation. And Nick Cave. To the liberal media narrative but the issue is about guns it is and it's that culture stupid. And dots the truth on trump.