President Trump Update: October 5, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, October 5th

NBC reports Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron. Kuhner doesn’t believe it, do you?


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On fall we'll just sooner. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson called president drops a moron. My friends this is now the issue like did you not that is consuming official Washington. And the white house press corps. NBC news. Came out with them anonymously sourced piece saying edited July 20 pentagon meeting. Apparently for some reason. Tillerson was so enraged and angry with trial. That he called the may blanking moron quote unquote. And then he wanted to resign. However. Vice president Mike pants allegedly talked him out of the general Mattis talked him out of the general Kelley talked him out of it I don't believe it. For many reasons. Number one Rex Tillerson completely denied it. Mike Pence said he never spoke to Piller said about his resignation are possible resignation. Mattis said he never spoke to Tillerson. And Kelly said he never spoke to Tillerson in other words everybody involved in this story says it's not true. Moreover. Again an anonymously sourced story. No one on the record no facts. This strikes me as simply more fake news. Listen now to Rex Tillerson saying. It was designed. To drive a wedge. Between me and the president roll it Britain. I'm just not going to be part of this effort to divide this church. He's completely right. What this was was in naked attempt by the media. To try to sow dissension and division and discord. Within the trump administration. By trying to hit the secretary of state. Against his own boss and they know that trumpet. Thin skinned as he is may be would react in lash out if you believe that Tillerson was calling him names behind his back. But luckily the president didn't fall for a debate in fact he gave it to NBC. And he gave it to warm good. Yeah I'm very honored by his cup it was fake news it was a totally phones should thank you very much is made up crews may have played NBC originated thankful. Beckett total confidence in the a total confidence thank you very much. My friends. What you're seeing now is a replica of what they tried to do with the rush hour hacking meddling story. They are trying to plant false stories. To try to bring the trump administration down. This time by falsely alleging that the secretary of state sold disrespect the president not only is he calling him names behind his back. But he actually wants to leave and resign. In other words it's so bad that even the top cabinet official wants to go low. Don't buy it for a second. I don't believe NBC news this is more fake news. And it's about time somebody began a column out. And the question now is this. Who's actually getting worse. The Clinton news network or being nothing but crop news network. No more fake news it's time to change that dial and dots the truth. On trump.