President Trump Update: October 4, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, October 4th

President Trump meets with officals in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. He's thinking of erasing their debt. Should he do that? Kuhner says no.


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On fall we'll just sooner. Puerto Rico open coming across Hurricane Katrina. This is what the left in the mainstream media are now trying to paint that this is a president out of touch aloof. Who doesn't care about the suffering of Puerto Rico because they are Hispanics or Latinos. Ice Bernie Sanders put it it's because of their race. But is that really true. President trump has now we sent in the military. 121000. FEMA officials. They have flooded the island with food water all kinds of aid. But here's what the media is not telling you. They are rotting in the ports of San Juan that's right. Ships. Packed to the top with food water cargo all kinds of resources. Yet they were refused to be on loaded why. Because the mayor of San Juan a Hillary supporter and staunch Democrat. Refuses to get the aid distribute. She wants to make trump look bad so chic in campaign against them in the next election campaign. My friends she is playing with the very lives of Puerto Ricans and she should be ashamed of herself. In fact not only as strong helping the people of Puerto Rico oh. He now is gonna wipe away their debt that's right. Porter recalling seventy billion dollars in bowl they are for all intents and purposes. Bankrupt. Well trump has now said not only will we eat the entire debt. But we're gonna spend another hundred billion. To help rebuild. All of Puerto recall all of it. Roll it Brittany. Now I hate that value Puerto Rico but get thrown out budget let out of whack. Because we've spent a lot of money and Puerto Rico and that's fine we've saved a lot of lives if you look at the every death is are. But if you look at. A real catastrophe like Katrina. And you look at the tremendous. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that die. And you look at what happened here with really a storm that was. Just totally over nobody ever seen anything like this. He's ranked. He has put a lot of money into Puerto Rico which should be. Because if we spend a hundred billion dollars and that's what it's gonna take. To rebuild all of Puerto Rico's roads if airports its infrastructure its electrical grid it's water system. All of which by the way where it's poorly run down ball for a third hurricane struck. Both for. Hurricane. Struck. In other words there were more intrastate and spending all of that money. For public pensions. Welfare. Special interest and public boondoggles. Then modernizing their island. Now essentially Porter recall will become a full fledged dependency. Of the United States. And so what will happen my friends is there's only two options. Either because they're so dependent now upon America they will become a full fledged state. A democratic state. With two Democrats senators they will send to congress. War the American people will say I'm not there's enough. Porter recall is not worth the hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. And maybe it's time for them to go their own way and become an independent. Island. My friends statehood. Or independence. If I was president from I would tell the Puerto Ricans. Cost up levees now. It's been nice but you go your way we go our way because Puerto Rico is no longer worth the cost. And that's the truth on front.