President Trump Update: October 3, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, October 3rd

Trump speaks out against the Las Vegas shooter calling him sick. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Why it was the motivation. Of the Los Vegas Geller. Scott is now the questions surrounding the Mandalay massacre. Stephen product allegedly the shooter responsible for the slaughter of 59 Americans dead. 527. Injured 45 at this moment in very critical condition. And so the question is why. The FBI says there are no price cut prices. No political or religious affiliations. Whatsoever. In fact now the official narrative. He snapped. He snapped they now say because of high gambling debts are you kidding me. I don't believe it I don't buy it and I'll tell you why. It now turns out that Stephen Roddick. We've now found out is a multimillionaire. He owned for almost five homes in California. Nevada. Florida. I Texas in places all across the country. He owned two private points. He was apparently a real estate invest thirty was also one accountant. Worked at Lockheed Marten. They say he enjoyed his retirement he loved to go cruising he was a gamble or he liked to Gordon Mandalay. Even rent out sweets for weeks even months at a time he liked video poker. This does not strike me as a guy who just suddenly snapped. In fact according to his family members and people who knew him no history of mental illness whatsoever. Had no criminal background to speak out. The beaming apparently to get a parking ticket or speeding ticket. And all of a sudden you expect me to believe. That this guy got a hold up in a hotel room for four dates. And was brought up 23 rifles thousands of rounds of ammunition. Set up two snipers nests. With tripod and Scopes. And pulled this thing off. Three planned. Premeditated. In the deadliest US shooting in American history. No way I wasn't born yesterday. Something stinks to high heaven. And we're gonna find out very soon whether he was a Muslim convert. Who maybe did have ties to al-Qaeda or racists or maybe he was very political fanatic may be an anti trump leftist. Or maybe we've been lied to about his history of mental illness what ever it is. He did in just snapped. The media is lying. The official investigators the spokespeople. They're lying. The truth is something drove him to do it what it. Hopefully we'll find out soon. And dots the truth on trumped.