President Trump Update: October 23, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, October 23rd

Kuhner says Rep. Wilson should be ashamed of herself for politicizing the death of Sgt. Johnson.


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On fall we'll just sooner. Presidents from this respect the widow. Off slaying sergeant led David Johnson. My Sheila Johnson went on Good Morning America with rabid never trump her staff the Stephanopoulos. And she says he did. Roll it Brittany. They're also a lot of questions about the phone call he received. From president trump I know you were in a car. To the airport and tell us what happened next. Me in my hand me the list in the limo. To receive my husband farm packing now was came from so we went to Dover Dover. And he was hearing on airport security getting ready to get out and she called. Master sergeant Neil fine. I X necessary she needing to put his phone's features so not let uncle could hear his way. Mean he goes on Ryan's case. Saying he's state me and it's. What he seeing Lou the president he has to print it. Stated that he knew what she found out before. They hurt anyway. And now was it made me cry because. I was really angry at the Benetton his voice and how he stated he he can he couldn't remember. My husband me I'm only way he remain on my husband named because he told me he ham my husband important for me. And that's when he actually seeing let me. I heard him stumbling. Points trying to remain on my husband me. And that one hurt me the most because if my husband is out here fight in front our country. He he raised his life for our country why can't you remember his name. And got one mania saying cry even more. Because my husband was awesome so it's. This is pathetic with all due respect of the way I know this is pathetic. Were talking about only. We're talking about whether he had a piece of paper in front of them to remember the name of sergeant Johnson. You mean the very same president who's got a thousand things to deal with every day. My friends if nobody else has the guts to say it I will. Why was congresswoman Frederico will send in the car with my Xia Johnson. Why was the commissioner of Miami Dade in the car while I was this car on speakerphone. I'll tell you why. Because no matter what trump said no matter how we expressed his condolences. Gay wanted to politicize it this was a set up from the get go. And here is a president who has gone out of his way to call every gold star family widow every single one of them. And they're trying to claim that he's a racist. Or that he's cold hearted porous congresswoman Wilson claimed Bahrain has got a brain disorder. Why what do you Calder in the first place if his intention was to disrespect her or her husband. Or his memory. My friends. These are political times in which now than never trump movement is grasping for straws. It's pathetic. She should be happy that the president Calder he was there to console and comfort her not to demean her. And for the immediate to be going on about this notice. They don't talk about the fall of Rocca. They don't talk about his successes. In the war on nicest. That's not the story here or Hillary's in Richmond deal. Partially enriched herself. With the uranium bribery scheme that's off the radar the Las Vegas shooting is off the radar. Ice is sent his. Trumps victories over in Iraq got is off the radar. Everything is off the radar. This is nothing more than operations smear trump. Every word. Every sentence every phrase is going to be manipulated. Twisted and distorted. Simply to smear the president. It's sickening. It's disgusting. And it's pathetic. The widow should be ashamed of herself. Frederica Wilson should be ashamed of herself. Bet Kyle girl meaning Maxine is becoming a national disgrace. Trump has nothing to apologize for he did the right thing he did the honorable thing and Dotson the truth on trump.