President Trump Update: October 20, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, October 20th

Kuhner thinks Rep. Wilson is a shameless opportunist. She is trying to smear Trump. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Drops viewed with congresswoman. Frederico will send now escalates. So my friends. After all is said and dine. Congresswoman Wilson is now becoming a hero in the mainstream media. Claiming. That she overheard president trumps conversation with the widow of a slain US soldier sergeant led David Johnson. And value his comments were insensitive. Lack empathy. And were cold hearted to the point that she says it shows the president has a brain disorder. Well general Kelley said enough is enough. And enact riveting. Almost unbelievable press conference. He said Vince. About congress woman's claims that somehow trump I'd been insensitive. To the widow and give the slain US soldier. Roll it. Brittany. So he called for people the other day and express his condolences to the best way that he could. He said to me. What Royce today. I sit to ensure there's nothing you can do lighten the burden. On the shelves. We'll hear what I feel. Mort let me tell you my best friend. Jordan who told me. She was my casualty officer. You should kill. He was doing. Exactly. What he wanted to do. When he was killed. He knew views get into. Quite join in the mirror that 1%. You know put the possibility war because we're at war. And when he died and before cases were talking more and I assure my son's case in Afghanistan. When he died you're surrounded by the best men. On this earth his friends. That's what the president. Tried to say to effective for families the other day. I was stunned. When I came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted. At what eyesore and member of congress doing. Member of congress who. Listened in on a phone call from the press United States we're young white. And in his way try to express. That opinion. It's a brave man. Fallen hero. He knew he was getting himself into because she enlisted there's no reason list view what's. News where he wanted to be. Exactly where he wanted to be was exactly the people he wanted to do was when his wife was taken that was the message. That was a message that was transmitted. It's stuns me that a member of congress who listened in on a conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought. At least that was sacred. Boom dropped the Mike baby. He just guided her like an absolute fish. She is nothing more then a shameless opportunist. Somebody who is willing to politicize the death. Of a US soldier and the grief of a window to get her name out there and to smear the president. My friends the media should be ashamed of themselves. They are the enemy. And congresswoman will send you should be ashamed as well. Shame on you. And that's the truth on Tron.