President Trump Update: October 19, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, October 19th

President Trump fires back at the "Fake news" over the Russia collusion stories, saying that the "Real Russia story is uranium."  Should AG Sessions force Rod Rosenstein to resign, and if he doesn't should President Trump fire Sessions?  


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On salt we'll just sooner. Trump investigate. State Hillary Russia bribery scheme. It is now emerging as one of the biggest scandals and cover ups in modern American history. It's now come out and FBI informant. Wants double all the way Seoul. He penetrated the Russian nuclear industry. And he found out there were bribes. Extortion. Kickbacks. Money laundering. As the Russians penetrated our nuclear industry. And then bought uranium one. By bribing Hillary and Bill Clinton. And this FBI informant has everything. Secret audio recordings. Documentation. Emails. You name it he's got a in other words my friends Hillary Clinton was Bryant. Can sell rush out 20%. Of our strategic uranium reserve. And it was covered up by the Obama administration. Every step of the way. There is a Russia scandal. But it's not trump collusion with Paul and it's Hillary. Taking money to sell our uranium and sell out America. To pull them and the Russians. And when asked about it. Listen now to Trump's response. For whatever reason and a lot of people understand what those reasons may be. I think that Europe Russia story that your real rush or story. Not a story where they talk about collusion and there was none it was a hoax. You're real rush or story is uranium. And how they got all of that you write him a vast percentage of what we have. That is to me. One of the big stories of of the decade. Not just now of the decade the problem is that the mainstream. Media does not wanna cover that story. Because that affects people that they protect. So they don't like covering that story but the big story is uranium and how Russia got. 20% of our uranium and it frankly. It's a disgrace. It's a disgrace and it's a disgrace. That these fake news won't cover. It's so sad thank you very much. The president is completely right. The mainstream media refuses to cover. Really what is probably not up probably is the biggest political story the greatest scandal in modern American history. But Mr. President with all due respect. You also have a Roland Burris you're right the New York Times CNN they won't touch it. But you're not powerless. You're not just a bystander. You are the president of the United States EU control the Department of Justice if you control the attorney general. And so now we have found out that this FBI insider does FBI informant. Now wants to speak to congress he wants to spill the beans. However the Obama administration. Slapped a gag order on him. Preventing him from talking to the up to and including threatening him with jail time if he should break his silence. Vowed gag order needs to be removed and it should be removed. The person who should remove it is attorney general Jeff Sessions. Talk to your attorney general and say let the FBI informant speak and then let the chips fall where they may. And ask for the other shore involved. Rod Rosen Steen now the deputy AG. Who oversaw the FBI investigation. Knew about Hillary's bribery and still signed off on the deal. Robert Mueller the FBI director. Who knew about Hillary's bribery and still signed off on the uranium deal. They both need to be fired. Mr. President that's your job and it's time to do it drain the swamp. Fire Rosen Steen fire Mueller indict Hillary indict Bill Clinton and indict Eric Holder. Let them all fall. That's the truth on from.