President Trump Update: October 18, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, October 18th

There is a feud brewing between President Trump and Congresswoman Wilson. She claims Trump said “he knew what he signed up for.” President Trump says he never said that. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Why is romp and sensitive that the widow of a fallen slain soldier. That is now the latest scandal engulfing the president being driven by the mainstream media here is in essence what happened. A soldier sergeant led David Johnson was one of four green berets. Brutally assassinated. In nice share by crisis forces. His body was being brought back home. Eyes to the widow of Sargent Johnson. In her car surrounded by family members her and her mother including congresswoman. Frederico. Wilson. Eight Democrat and die hard anti dropper. The widow was given they called by the president. Where are courting now to congresswoman. Wilson. They say was insensitive. Disrespectful. And frankly cold cold hearted. What did the president say according to the congresswoman. He said. That's what your husband signed up for I know it doesn't make it any easier but he signed up for this. And according to the congresswoman. This was deeply insulting. Deeply disrespectful. The family says it was a deeply disrespectful phone call. And the president says what they say he said. He never said. Role that Britain. I didn't say what that congresswoman says it didn't say at all she doesn't and she now is not saying it I did not say what she said and I'd like to make this statement again because I did not say what she said at a very nice conversation. With the woman with the wife who is sounded like a lovely woman did not say what the congresswoman said and most people aren't you surprised to hear. Let let her make her statement again I think you'll find him. OK let her make a statement again and then you'll find out. President trump says he has proof. We initially thought that meant he had a recording of the conversation the White House now admits he doesn't. But there were administration officials in the room including general Cali is chief of stopped. They overheard the whole conversation. All of it. And they say it clearly was not disrespectful. The congresswoman. Is making it up. My friends this is now getting absolutely ridiculous. The media the Democrats and the left. Are so determined now to bring this president down to smear him the libel lamp to demonize them. That they are now willing to twist distort manipulate. Everything and anything. Including. Elements of a five minute call. So let me say what nobody else has the guts to say. Even if president trump. Says exactly he said exactly. What congresswoman Wilson alleges that he said and other words. Injuring a five minute call Aziz consoling to wait no he said you know home. Your husband knew that he signed up for this it was something he knew he signed up for. And I know it doesn't make it any easier it's still very hard. But I want you know we honor him and we commemorate his sacrifice. And we honor. His commitment to work country. What's wrong with that. There is nothing inappropriate. Nothing. In fact what he was telling her. Is very simple. Your husband chose to be a warrior. Your husband chose to serve his country. Your husband chose to be brave courageous and patriotic. And at least he did what he wanted to do. He's words in fact were not insulting or disrespectful. They were in fact controlling and comforting. And only a sick twisted leftist. Like congresswoman Wilson could say or imply otherwise. My friends. No insult was delivered. None was meant. And none was taken. Trump has nothing to apologize for in fact the only one here that should be apologizing. Is that Chambliss congresswoman the one with the crazy cowboy act. Frederica. Wilson. Shame on you. And that's the truth on front.