President Trump Update: October 16, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, October 16th

Steve Bannon declares a "Season of War" on the Republicans blokcing Trump's agenda.  Kuhner says get them all out.  What do you think?


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The troops on soft we just schooner yeah sure it then. War against the Republicans a stop with the I'm the values voters summit in Washington. Former chief strategist for Donald Trump said. The days of the GOP a leaks are over. He is gonna run primary insurgents. Against fifteen of the sixteen senate incumbents. He's gonna take on all down. I especially Mitch McConnell the men and women. Listened to abandon their time and season for everything. And right now it's a seasonal war against the GOP establishment. He's completely right and let's get this straight. We didn't declare war. Eight declared war on costs. That's right. They declared war. On us. They were the ones who punted and failed on obamacare. They are the ones who refuse to build a wall. They are the ones who are opposed to Trump's America first agenda and have sought to obstruct them at every way shape or form. My friends the question is now this who rules America. The elites or the people. Those that voted for trump in November. Or the permanent corrupt political establishment in Washington. Brandon is saying it's the people. And it's about time Mr. President. Your army is behind you and the enemy is within. And the first name on that list is Mitch just squish McConnell. And that's the truth on front.