President Trump Update: October 12, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, October 12th

Trump threatens to revoke news outlets licenses over “fake news.” Do you agree with this idea?


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On fall we'll just sooner. Sure the licenses. Of the major broadcast networks to be revoked. This is now what president trump is pushing in the wake of a new series are fake news stories the most egregious. NBC. So NBC news first battled the bogus story that Rex Tillerson the secretary of state. Refer to the president as a quote unquote moron. At a July 20 pentagon meeting. It now turned out never happened a complete line. Then NBC pushed another false story this time claiming that trump wants to increase the nuclear arsenal. And fold because he's a maniac unstable on hinged who may threatened to engulf the world in a nuclear war. Trump said enough is enough. Maybe it's time for the FCC. To revoke the licenses. Of the big networks. Roll it Brittany. No I never discussed increasing that I wanted to in perfect shape that was your statement is by NBC. Which gives a lot of fake news lately. No I never discuss I think somebody said I want ten times the nuclear weapons that we have right now. Right now we have. So many nuclear weapons I want them in perfect condition perfect shape that's the only thing I've ever discuss. General Mattis put out a statement is putting out a statement. Saying that that was fake news that it was just mentioned that way. And it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they wanna write. He's right it is disgusting. It's more than that it's an assault on our very democracy. A media high certain basic freedoms and protections. Because they are the vaunted for the state. They are there to hold politicians and our leaders accountable. But what do we do when they start willingly and knowingly lying. Like you see an NBC or frankly most of the fake news media. My friends I don't believe rover poking licenses is the answer. It's complex it's complicated. Trump may not even have the authority to do it. But I'll tell you what we should be thinking about it's time for real off. Libel laws like you have in Britain Canada New Zealand Australia. Most democracies in the world. The press does not have the right. Tool libel slander and smear people. And literally make stuff up because they wanna pursue a personal or political agenda. In other words we now have a media that's no longer ray media. But now engaged in pure propaganda. And they need to be held accountable. Accountants can't YE CEOs can't lie. Most people cannot lie and deliberately deceive people and get away with that there are consequences. And the media is now perpetuating. A fraud. Upon the American people. And you know what. Maybe it's time to pass new tough laws that will enable people especially public figures. To sue the pants off a bomb yell lies. Then you get sued. And that's the truth on trump.