President Trump Update: October 11, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, October 11th

The Boy Scouts are now admitting girls into the group. Do you think this is a good idea? Kuhner believes this is the politically correct thing to do. Kuhner urges President Trump to tweet about the Boy Scouts now admitting girls. Trump should tweet the Boys Scout should remain the Boy Scouts.


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On fall we'll just sooner. Sure the Boy Scouts at meant girls. The boy scouts of America in a cultural watershed for reversing a policy of over a hundred years now say yes. They will starting next year begin admitting girls first. At the cub scout level with the bends. And then eventually at the higher level at 2000 in nineteen so they could become full eagle scouts. My friends that feminists are touting this as a big win. It is and it's going to ruin the Girl Scouts. And a Boy Scouts. Let me ask all of you this what's wrong with the Boy Scouts. What's wrong with voice. Learning how to use a knife how to start a fire survival skills. Going out hunting. Bonding together as a boy's eyes a rite of passage to manhood. And Girl Scouts leaders also say that women young girls. Do better when they bond in an all female environment. The Girl Scouts are great dough Boy Scouts are great let's keep them separate instead. This is part of a left wing progressive attempt. To blend the genders. To create a unisex world. Whereby human nature. Biology. Does not to matter. My friends it does. Boys and girls are fundamentally different. Physically physiologically. Psychologically. Biologically. Emotionally. Let the boys hang out with the boys and let the girls hang out with the girls. Because what's gonna happen is this once they start integrating the Boy Scouts. The boys are gonna wanna leave. And the Girl Scouts are going to be guided and so both organizations. Are eventually gonna win wall and collapse. What I hope and all of this is that just like in the NFL. Trump tweets out and takes a stand saying go Boy Scouts should remain dough Boy Scouts. And the Girl Scouts should remain the Girl Scouts. And this way this will create a huge backlash. And may be reversed the boys scope of America as decision Mr. President. You love Twitter now is the time to use. Twitter and that's the truth on trump.