President Trump Update: October 10, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, October 10th

Bob Corker says President Trump will get us into World War III. Kuhner says Corker is a back stabber. Do you agree?


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On salt we'll just sooner. Now it's. Declare war on prompt. Okay my friends and senator involved court curve. He Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee huge Ryan know. Will retire next year because he knows he will be primary by Marsha Blackburn. The congresswoman from Tennessee. And he will lose so when he parting shot. He is now saying that president trump. Is a danger. Any danger to America and a danger to the world. And not only is he saying that he's saying most establishment Republicans. Are agreeing with him listen to a court Kirk. Say they need more adult supervision. In the White House. But not like you are out. No one's pop up more. Met. Or all or it would. But it. My friends. That was Bob Yorker giving an interview to the New York Times and he should be ashamed of himself. In fact if he had any honor he should resign and have the governor of Tennessee replace them with Blackburn immediately. Because score curry has now admitted what we've known all along. That he and his fellow establishment Republicans. Were out to subvert trump. Blocks from. And essentially nullify the elections of 2016. What we're now seeing is unprecedented. In the modern American political system. Eight president no longer has a political party. Trump may have a technical are beside his name but in reality. The Republicans on the hill hate him and the Democrats on bail hate him he is a true independent. And this is why I stand with Steve Bannon. He now is rightly said he is going a primary every single restore a style bushman Republican. The only one he's gonna leave alone instead crews because he's one of us and it's about time primary every single one of them. It started in Alabama with the defeat of Luther strange and their victory of Roy Moore. The retirement of Bob court Kirk and now it's time to go after every single one of McConnell some men and women. And by the time we roll around to 21 any. Primary McConnell himself. The establishment Republicans. Have declared war on trump. And on all of this supporters. It's time that we declare. War on them. And that's the truth on trump.