President Trump Update: November 9, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, November 9th

The ACLU believes Salem MA becoming a Sanctuary city is key for Massachusetts to become a Sanctuary State. Trump needs to crack down on Sanctuary cities. 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Should Massachusetts become a sanctuary state. In the wake of the stunning referendum victory in Salem which was stolen but let that goal liberals now feel emboldened. Salem has gone Sanctuary City so always Boston Cambridge Somerville and land and now they want the entire commonwealth. To go Sanctuary City. I enough is enough. If we go Sanctuary City like California. We will become like California. High crime. Massive illegal immigration. High taxes. Huge welfare state. MS thirteen gang bangers pouring in in other words we will become a Third World hell hole. People are fleeing California. In unprecedented. Numbers this saying what happened here in Massachusetts. Property owners you're gonna have to get out -- your taxes are gonna go up and your values are gonna go down. Taxpayers. You're gonna be working to subsidize the illegals. More re BP more health care more free education. And more welfare. There's only so much weakened take. President trump meets to move and move fast he needs to warn Massachusetts. That if they go sanctuary state. He will cut off all federal funding. Massachusetts. Will have effectively seceded from America. And although they may want to defy trump as the ultimate middle finger. They need to know it will come at a terrible price and that it terrible consequence. My friends. The rule of law is what makes America unique. They now want to overturn this here in Massachusetts. If the mourn bots wanna do it that's their right. But we the taxpayers. Who pay the bill pay for all of this we also have a right to speak out. And our answer is loud and clear no. And that's the truth on trumped.