President Trump Update: November 7, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, November 7th

Kuhner thinks Trump’s tax plan is bad for the Middle Class. 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Will read in Massachusetts. Benefit. From this tax plan as it's currently presented in congress. That's the 64000. Dollar question or in this case the one point five trillion dollar question. The short answer no. If you live in a low packs a red state. Metal working class let's say median income above 5960000. Dollars. Well according to Treasury Secretary Steve minutia and you will see something. Of tax relief. Listen that Tucker Carlson. Interviewed Steve in ocean. Roll it Brittany. So if you wore a trump voter and you're making. 55059000. Median income. What does this mean for you. You're gonna see at least several hundred dollars. The tax cut and that's what you're gonna see. Money in your pocket so to your critics who say well wait a second. Corporations are seeing a much larger tax cut why is that fair when corporate profits are very high and middle class income is stagnant. What do you say. Tucker 70% of the burden of corporate taxes are borne by the worker so the reason why were cutting corporate taxes. Is so that American business can be competitive right now we have one of the highest tax rates in the world. And that's why jobs are going overseas and this is about bringing back trillions of dollars that are offshore. And making business competitive that's what we call it tax cuts and job tacked. So if. Wow. Let's not spend it all at once. A couple hundred bucks if you're lucky. Are you kidding me. The real story my friends is that of the one point five trillion. Over rate trillion of the tax cut is going to go to the big corporations. With a huge rate cut from 35%. And 20%. Amazon. Apple Google. Berkshire higher Hathaway Microsoft. They are gonna make out like bandits. Now don't get me wrong they rising tide lifts all boats. I want corporations to bring back money invest and hire and create jobs. But trump promised not just a corporate tax cut. But our real taxcut. For middle working class Americans and for us here in Massachusetts. We are gonna lose the itemized deductions. For state in com local taxes. And for the most part property taxes. In other words my taxes are gonna go up. At least several hundred if not several thousand dollars your taxes are likely to go up. Several hundred if not several thousand dollars my friends don't get me wrong. I support president trump and I support his America first agenda but I've got to say it. I voted for him for three big reasons. Won the kick out obamacare. To to cut my taxes and three to build that border wall. So far I know we stride but Obama care is still in place. The border wall are still not been funded and my taxes because of this plan are not going down there are going up. So forgive me if I look up in the dictionary screwed. And it's spelled. KUHMER. Mr. President. We didn't vote for you to raise our taxes we voted for you to cut our taxes. No matter where we live. Red state. Or blue state. And that's the truth on front.