President Trump Update: November 6, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, November 6th

Sutherland Springs Texas is the worst attack on a house of worship. Kuhner believes this was a liberal terrorism. 


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The truth on trial we Jeff Koon. Sutherland springs Texas was the worst shooting it deadly shooting. ID house of worship in American history. And it's also another act of liberal left wing terrorism. Yes liberal terrorism. The media is trying to suppress that but the facts are the facts are the facts. The shooter Devin Kelly was a militant atheist who despised Christians and people of religious faith. And he targeted that church not just because he had a family dispute with his wife and his in laws. But because he wanted to target house of god. He hated christianity. He kept a railing against it on FaceBook. To the point he annoyed everybody. He was a rabid Christian hater. And that's why he gunned down 26 people and wounded twenty. And what is most frightening about what took place. Is that liberal terrorism is now on the raw writes we know about Islamic terrorism and that is very real. But now liberal terrorism. Is clearly getting bigger more ominous and more dangerous. In Nevada. Stephen attic deliberately targeted concert goers many of them overwhelmingly conservative. Overwhelmingly trump supporters. Remember what happened at the baseball diamond in Northern Virginia. Worried deranged Bernie Sanders supporter. Shocked and almost killed Republican members of congress including represented of Steve's goalies. Look at and T five look at the rise of black lives matter everywhere in America. The political left is now embracing violence. Terrorism. And mass murder. And Sutherland springs. Was just the latest manifestation. And when everything is said and done my friends what it all if you expect. When you have Hillary Clinton. Calling middle America a basket of deplorable it's. Nazis. Fascists. Pall mall faults is Lamo folds racists. Big gates. When you have the media constantly. The colleges universities. Popular culture the Democratic Party. Pumping into the national bloodstream. The constant narrative. That Christians conservatives. Republicans. People who live in the heartland. Are you were redeemable. Racist bigots and white supremacists. You're gonna attract and incite violence. What else did you expect. Ideas have consequences. Words have consequences. President from now needs to speak out. Not just against hatred. Not just against the curse of mental illness and we're seeing it again in some of these shootings. But of the rise of violence and mass murder on the left. Elizabeth Warren wants the ban guns. It's not time for gun control. It's time for liberals control. And that's the truth on trump.