President Trump Update: November 30, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, November 30th

Should Trump have tweeted the anti-Muslim video?


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Short drop hot weeded out those three and he Muslim video it's. That is now the question. For those of you that haven't heard this story. President trump earlier this week. Re posted or read weeded three anti Muslim videos that came from he Britain first party. It is an anti mass immigration. And he is long party they're considered in England anyway a far right so called hate group. Those three videos. Show Muslims attacking non Muslims. Or in one case throwing a boy off overruled. One of the videos appears to be in authentic. The other two appeared to be accurate an authentic. It doesn't matter as far as the brits are concerned he has created or committed a crime against political correctness. And so Teresa made the British prime minister in Jordan has said president Trump's actions were in her words. Dangerous. Stupid. Shameful. And disgusting. The mayor of London said. Members of the British parliament are actually saying he should be arrested when he visits Britain over the next couple of months. On British soil for inciting what they say racial or religious hatred what this is my friends very simple. It is political correctness run amok is their return of Neville Chamberlain from the grave. It is the appeasement of Islamic fascism. Teresa may should spend less time worrying about trounced weeks. And about the growing surging militant Muslim population. In England in Manchester. In Birmingham and all across Great Britain. In fact if the current trends continue. The Muslim population of Britain will triple and that of Europe will triple by 2050. They already halved a huge population. 40%. Of whom an opinion poll say they support sure real law. And sympathize. With the Islamic terrorism. In other words. England has a major fifth column and make huge enemy within. And no matter how much they try to sweep it under the rug or try to blame Donald Trump for telling the truth. The real cowards here are Mae said the con and the entire British establishment. What ever happened to the land of church Cheryl. It is now long gone trumpet is right Teresa mate is wrong and radical Islamic terrorism. Ease a mortal threat. And that's the truth on trumped.