President Trump Update: November 3, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, November 3rd

Kuhner says it’s time to fire Jeff Sessions. Sessions has recused himself from the Uranium deal. Kuhner says it's time to hire someone who will prosecute Hillary. 


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The truth on trial with Jeff Koon. It's time they'll fire attorney general Jeff Sessions. My friends I enough is enough. The evidence is now piling up that Hillary Clinton was involved. In a massive bribery extortion and racketeering scheme with uranium one. Whereby she allowed the Russians. To purchase our strategic uranium reserves. The foundational pieces that you need for a nuclear bomb. In exchange. For Russian bribery and money. She sold us down the river. And where's Jeff Sessions. He's recused himself. Again. Listen now to president trump say he's disappointed. In the Justice Department. And the FBI. When will bay investigate. Hillary. I don't know I'm really not about what the Justice Department I'd like to let it run itself. What honestly they should be looking at the Democrat base that they would get it but that's dad all of that has done is they've basically look at that a lot of things. Had a lot of people are disappointed in the Justice Department including me like everybody. How are you better believe it. Look he's recuse himself from everything that matters. And either you're gonna be a proper attorney general or if you wanna recuse yourself you can receive recuse yourself all the way straight to the door. My friends if nobody else has the guts to say it I'm gonna say it. Jeff Sessions doesn't have the bonus. To be the attorney general you're supposed to be the sheriff. The long man who's gonna come in and clean house. And it's time to go after Hillary Clinton she needs to be indicted Bill Clinton needs to be indicted. The Obama administration who covered up the uranium one deal. Erik colder needs to be indicted Loretta lynch needs to be indicted. All of them Mueller needs to be indicted and fired I'm not. Is that enough. And if sessions is not up for the job it's time that trump do what he does best. Fire him. And get somebody else who will. Jeff Sessions. Your. Fired. And dots the truth on front.