President Trump Update: November 16, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, November 16th

The Democrats now introduce five articles of impeachment against President Trump. They claim he obstructed justice by firing Former FBI Director James Comey. 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. That Democrats now move in for a big scale that's right. He Democrats. Now introduced. Five. I articles of impeachment. Against president trump. And the heart of their Eric case against the president is they say he obstructed justice and undermined the federal judiciary. How did he undermine the federal judiciary and obstruct justice. They say by firing James call me so let me get this straight. The FBI director who is accountable to the president. Can't be fired by the president are you kidding me he works for the president. You can say that the articles of impeachment our general and in many ways they are. But they area harbinger of something much more serious the com. The Democrats are now willing to make the 2018. Mid term elections. A full referendum on trump. And in particular a referendum on impeachment. They are gonna run on impeachment they're gonna campaign on impeachment. And they vow should they win the congress that they will impeach the president. And so now the question is this. What will happen next November. And here is my prediction. If they're Republicans who lose their how hoax did Democrats will move within days one to impeach president trump. Even if they don't have the votes they convict them in the senate. Why because they want a bloody the president they wanna undermine the president they want to cripple his presidency. And this is why the president needs to counterattack. Right now he needs to tell the American people. Clearly and unequivocally. That the Democrats are out a lynch him. He has barely served one year in office and they're already calling for his head and impeachment. Enough is enough. If you support this president. You have to make sure that the Republicans retain control in 2018. Because if they don't. You can kiss America first and the trump agenda goodbye. He is going to be bogged down in one impeachment proceeding after another. And in fact that's the very goal of the Democrats. And dots the truth on trumped.