President Trump Update: November 15, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, November 15th

Rep. Jackie Speier says there are members of Congress who sexual harass women. 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. You phonies you broad view. Unbelievable. Story my friends so in the wake of all of this sex abuse allegations. From Hollywood. To politics to the media their business. Roy Moore I could go on. The very people who are the most judgment told. Are now almost guilty. And I'm talking about members of congress. It has now come out that there is a fifteen million dollar slush slouch harsh on what they're calling it a shot ish round. In which which our money taxpayer dollars have been used. Five members of congress. To pay off settlements. With women. Who they have been accused of either sexually assaulting. Or harassing. And it gets even worse. Roy Moore forty years old allegations. That's enough to disqualify him. But if you're a female staffer who works on either for the house or for the senate. You have a 180. Days six months to file a complaint. Or else it's not considered legitimate or valid. Then you have thirty days of mandatory cons counseling. And then mandatory mediation where either you want to or not and here's the kicker. Once you get the settlement with our money. You are forced to sign an NBA are nondisclosure. Agreement. But it gets even worse. There is now a creep lists all over congress. In which at least fifty lawmakers are on that list. Where female staffers are explicitly warned never be alone with them. Whether in an office a conference room. Even the congressional elevator. They will grab you fondle you grope you stay away. And these are the same people that are acting in judgment of us. Who are in fact passing laws. About sexual harassment that govern all of us. Notice. They have one set of laws for them. And another set of laws for us the whole system is designed to protect the sexual predators. Up on Capitol Hill. And one of the people now blowing the whistle. Is democratic congresswoman Jackie speer I don't agree would Jackie spear on many things but I agree with her on this. She says that there are now tool known sexual predators won a Republican won a Democrat. And even though they have grabbed women right there on the floor. They are still allowed to roam -- halls of congress. Roll it Britney. In fact there are two members. Of congress. Republican and Democrat right now. Who served. Who have been subject to review or not haven't been subject to review that have engaged in sexual harassment. These harasser propositions such ads are you going to be a good girl. To perpetrators exposing their genitals. To victims having their private parts grabbed on the house floor. All they ask in return as staff members is to be able to work in a hostile free work environments. They want the system fixed. And the perpetrators held accountable. This is not just hypocritical. It's not just beyond hypocritical. It is disgusting. And it's time that congress should be put on notice. Stop acting holier than thou stop acting like you're judge jury and next accused shooter when it comes Saito Roy Moore. Ten to your own garden stop reminding everybody else's business and start minding your own. There are sexual predators. All over Capitol Hill. And it's time that the old boys club get broken up once and for all and that's the truth. On trump.