President Trump Update: November 13, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, November 13th

There are many calls for Judge Roy Moore to step aside from his Senate run. Do you believe the accusations?


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Should judge Roy Moore steps aside. It now appears that the entire Republican establishment is saying yes senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has come out. And said Roy Moore must go. John McMahon a McCain make a maniac has said he must go Jeff flake he must go. John Kasich he must go the chorus is now deafening. But the question is what really happened and I don't believe the fourteen year old I just don't. The convenient timing of at all smacks of a political hit job and I want you to think about this here is a man. Who has been in the public limelight for nearly forty years he is now winning a key election in Alabama. I ahead by double digits in the polls and all of a sudden. One accuser comes out and says that he inappropriately touched her and fondled her at the age of fourteen. With no other evidence to back it up. What ever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty this is a political witch on. And it's being coordinated by the Washington Post. The Democratic Party the liberal media establishment. And the Ryan know and the rhinos in Washington. Day want to Roy Moore out. And the reason why is he poses a threat to their power. Take Jeff based source an Amazon. Roy Moore or wants to break up big pack. Amazon. Microsoft. Google FaceBook. Guess who launched the Washington Post you guessed that Jeff Bezos and Amazon he wants to drain the swamp. This is why he's a coordinated attack against this man to deny him his victory in December. The only question is will the people of Alabama sees through this blatant smear campaign. To the president be careful. Because if they can do it to judge Roy Moore they can do it to you and that's the truth on trump.