President Trump Update: March 4, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, April 5th

Trump to implement extreme vetting procedures. This will apply to visitors traveling for even a short trip from France or Germany. They might be forced to show their laptops, social media and questions about their ideology. Is this too extreme?  


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153. Here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. Is the number OK my friends corner man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 days and this one is a doozy. Remember that president trump all we was then candidates from now president trump. Has vowed to implement extreme vetting procedures. It's not just directed to those from predominantly Muslim countries. He wants now to implement very tight tough screening procedures. Two foreigners entering our country. Not just those applying for v.s does whether they be travel visa is or work of these guys. But even to travelers coming in say from Germany or France for a short stay in the United States. And part of the vetting procedures that he is considering. Is that those who were visiting the United States even for a short trip. Could be compelled. To disclose. There are contacts on their cell phones. They could be forced to disclose their social media accounts and passwords. So they can have access to see what they're speaking to. In case they're in contact with potential terrorists. Even financial records. They wanna be able to even ask questions about their ideology. They also want our embassies and consulates. To do much more tougher vetting and screening. Are people in those countries before they even get a travel visa or a work visa. Many civil libertarians are saying it goes too far. And many countries around the world are saying whoa hold on if you're gonna subject our citizens to this kind of very every rigorous stop screaming. We're gonna do the same two Americans. Say if they wanna travel or visit France Germany and Europe wherever. So the question is is trumps extreme Manning may be a little too extreme. My position is simply this. If you're talking about people who want to immigrate to the United States. Yes. You should have a very tough strict vetting procedure. However if you're just talking about potential terrorists. I'm not saying don't venom. Of course you need to venom. But if you're gonna start getting into checking people's homes. Asking them for their social media accounts. Passwords. Reading their stuff on line. Asking them questions about their political ideology and their financial records. Can you imagine the lines at Logan Airport of people coming in. Or JFK airport it's not going to be practical. And so vet yes. Tough vetting. But let's not go overboard. If you wanna listen to more of my podcasts. Go to Slash 100.