President Trump Update: March 20, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, March 20th

FBI Director James Comey testified on the wire-tapping allegations by President Trump.


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More than 55156. Now here on the great WRK now. Okay recorder man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 days. It's that James Cole mean show up on Capitol Hill more like a dog and pony show. The FBI director is still justifying but so far. He's testified now for almost four hours he has gone after trump again and again and again. And unconditionally. Saying that Obama. Did not wire topped trump tower. That in fact Obama has never wiretap. Or spy he said on anybody ever. So going to about for Obama completely. He also says there is an ongoing investigation. Highly classified. Off triumph of Trump's associates. And their ties to Russia and do the Kremlin. He says they're still in the process of investigating this. But according to him this investigation. Will go on and on and on. He also came out to say rush is a serious adversary of the United States. That Russia how act are elections. And that Russia did this to help trump defeat Hillary Clinton. In other words he shilling for the deep state. He is shilling for the establishment in Washington and further mainstream media. And his testimony today took a direct aim. But the president himself. Looking to undermine his credibility. Frankly if I'm trump. I would fire him in a nano second. What the president is waiting for is beyond me call me easy creature of the swamp. With him there you can drain it because frankly. Dots were Colby belongs. He's nothing more than a little snake in the grass and major showed it again. If you wanna hear more of these podcasts just scored a Slash 100.