President Trump Update: March 17, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, March 17th

President Trump meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They will have a lot of disagreements because she let in a lot of refugees into her country.  


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155. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay. Quick corner man's progress report on Trump's first 100 days. He met to win if German chancellor Angola Merkel this morning it was a long meeting. They discussed many issues they're going to be holding a press conference later this after known. Well look they don't like each other. Trump has blamed Merkel and I agree with him. For one of the greatest disasters in Europe since the end of World War II allowing millions of Muslim refugees I'm vetted. To a more non interest not just in to Germany but in their silhouette I'm. And into France Italy England and much of continental Europe. So we're gonna find out what the press conference war revealed but let's put it this way. Mark Kohl's decision I believe sealed the doom of Germany and Europe. And she should be defeated in the next election and defeated soundly. If you wanna hear more of my podcasts. Just go to Slash 100. Okay my friends all sponsored by the way I forgot the men mentioned this thank you Jarrett all of this day sponsored by their hand over street chop house. One of the best steak houses in New England trust you when I tell you this. Go down Hanover street chop house dot com for all the information and when you go be sure to tell on the corner man says so low.