President Trump Update: July 31st, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, July 31st

Trump fires Anthony Scaramucci. Is this a good move?


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On trough and we just sooner. We are we know we. And Denise caramel she absolutely incredible fired as White House communications director. After less than two weeks on the job. You know my friends I got to ask it is in semi seriousness. Do you put that down on your resonant. But when you've been fired that quickly that doesn't even go down to resume is he eligible even for our retirement pension plan. It is obvious that this was done at the instigation. And at the direct request of general John Kelly the incoming White House chief of staff. And it's pretty obvious what happened Kelly spoke with the president Benny said look this guy's a BS sir I'm a military guy. Fought me rock are my lost my son any rock. You want a disciplined. Ordered White House this this be essar is got to go. We just got to go. So I don't need this kind of public feuding in fighting. A prima Dona you want they will run White House. The first thing mu coach costs to go and sold showing the power of Cali. More she almost as quickly as he came in is now I'll and you are also shows my friends. When you have a chief of stuff unlike Ryan's previous. Who only cares about who leaked Kean and knocking off other personalities. And our arrivals. Stuff. Gets darn. Kelly now imposes his imprint on the trump White House and I love it previous gone. The mall which gone all that's left. Go after McCain. Mitch McConnell. Paul Ryan Orion. All of this spanking a stop bush meant Ryan all Republicans. It's time to make America. Great again. And that's the truth on trump.