President Trump Update: December 1, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, December 1st

Former National Security adviser Michael Flynn pleads guilty for lying to the FBI. Flynn claims Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians. Jeff says, Flynn did his job. He’s supposed to meet with ambassadors from other countries. Do you agree?


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Mike Glenn trumps former national security advisor. Pleads. Guilty. To lying to the FBI. And the mainstream media is already writing president trumps obituary. They now see this as Watergate. 2.0. But is it. Here are now the latest developments. Trim that Flynn has pled guilty. 21 count of lying to the FBI. Regarding meeting Russian ambassador Sergei his yacht. On December 29. Where they allegedly discussed sanctions. And whether Russia should retaliate. After all Obama imposed sanctions. This is exactly the reason why. When Weis fired. For lying to Mike Pence about that meeting and for lying to trump. In other words. He's not all they've got. The reason why Flynn flipped. It's because as he himself admits he is a legal bills are now overwhelming. He needs to sell his house. They wanted to indict him and his son. On on ethically law being on behalf of the Turkish government. That could set them to prison for many years and soul to save his own skin. And saved out of his son he pled guilty on one count of lying with a penalty of maybe six months in prison. Dot sit dot Saul. And he met the ambassador. Not before the election. But after the election. In other words. I as the incoming former national security advisor. He gave huge job. Dots what they're supposed to do. Meet with their Russian ambassador the Chinese ambassador. To Saudi ambassador. European ambassadors. They discuss the incoming administration. Incoming issues an incoming policies. It has been done since that time of George Washington. They're trying to criminalize. Every gay normal politics. Diplomacy. And behavior. In short. It's got nothing burger. And the media will try to spin it but in the end. Flynn. Means nothing. Because there was no collusion. And that's the truth. On trial.