President Trump Update: August 8th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, August 8th

Rahm Emanuel sues President Trump’s DOJ over Sanctuary city status. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Send him to jail. That's right send Chicago mayor long dead fish Emmanuel. To jail. The eyes of many of you know he is now the first mayor of a Sanctuary City to actually sure who. Trumps Justice Department and in particular. Attorney general Jeff Sessions why. He says that sessions is attempt to withhold federal money grants for law enforcement and other matters. Is illegal and unconstitutional. Because it goes against Chicago's. Sanctuary. City policy. None on and all my friends as Jeff Sessions rightly said. Obeyed the law or you lose your taxpayer dollars or as I would rather have it obeyed the law. Or you goal to jail. Jeff Sessions is a 1000%. Correct. Every Sanctuary City starting which Chicago. Should lose their taxpayer dollar funding if they openly defy and violate immigration law and federal law. But I would go one step further. I think it's time to make an example. Out of these mayors of these Sanctuary Cities like wrong dead fish Emanuel. Who are now clearly. Defying the law. Breaking the law and aiding and abetting illegal aliens and Sanctuary Cities my friends this is America. That may be the Chicago way but let me tell you the American way. Here in America we don't pick and choose what laws we follow and what laws we don't that's a banana republic. And what Rahm Emmanuel is doing. Is he is not just now going rogue. He is now creating a policy of lawlessness a culture of lawlessness. All over Chicago. Which is gonna lead to even more deaths more murders more crime and more illegals. Last year alone Chicago had 762. Murders. That is more than the homicide rate of LA and New York come mind. My suggestion to rom dead fish Emmanuel. Instead of suing trump. Start cracking down on the murderers and gang bangers in the city of Chicago. My friends it's time to make an example. Of every single one of these Benedict Arnold mayor's starting with rom dead fish Emmanuel. In Jeff corners America. You'll break the law you violate the law yeah aid and abet those who do break the law. You don't just lose your taxpayer dollars your funding. You go to jail. Sessions. Do us a favor. Law rom dead fish are locked him up. And that's the truth. On trumped.