President Trump Update: August 7th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, August 7th

Is Mike Pence planning a secret run for the White House in 2020? The New York Times claims Pence is planning a primary challenge against President Trump. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. The New York Times deliberately trying to sow division within the White House. My friends that's the only conclusion you can come to. Because the times this weekend published a piece. Claiming that Mike grants yes vice president Mike plants was running a shadow campaign. To prevent trump from winning a second term that pants. Believing that trumps the numbers are now going south his approval ratings are going down you will be too weak to win the nomination and 22 when he. Dad pants is laying the ground work for a primary challenge against the president in twenty whiny. Making sure he remains a one term president. After the times came out weird story. Penn said it was absolute rubbish his entire staff it was so it was garbage. President trump himself said. It was absolutely fake news. Listened to Kellyanne Conway. De bunk the entire. New York Times story. And I wanna make a remark about vice president Kent I work with him for ten years as his pollster has his senior advisor and certainly worked with him dealing in the White House. It is absolutely sure that the vice president is getting ready for 2000 when he. For reelection as vice president no concern he's an awesome show pregnancy yeah eighteen. Zero concern that is complete fiction. That is complete fabrication. And I know that his advisors and who had his comments attributed to them have pushed back very strongly as has vice president and as packed as semi right now unequivocally. Well you heard in my friends. Everybody is denying it and when they're denying it that forcefully and that unequivocally. You know it's absolute garbage and the question I have for the president now was this. Will he remember once and for all that the New York Times is his mortal enemy. That they are out marchers to push fake news but it's now obvious they want to turn Mike pants and trump I each other's throats. They are deliberately now writing and planting stories. So that members of Trump's cabinet will turn on each other or on the president and have the president turn on them. They are now becoming a deliberate propaganda. Arm of the Democratic Party. Mr. President. Don't forget this the New York Times is not your friend. They want to destroy you and your entire administration. My friends Mike Pence is will he has Trump's back. And I am glad that the president stood up for his vice president. And didn't take the bait that in New York Times was obviously trying to do when they published that bogus story. And that's the truth on trump.