President Trump Update: August 4th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, August 4th

Robert Mueller has selected a Grand Jury while investigating President Trump. Should Trump fire him? Kuhner says yes. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Are we. Toward its constitutional. Crisis and that's the question now many are asking in the wake of the news that Robert Mueller the special counsel 'cause impanel a grand jury. According to sources within the mule thirteen they now are targeting trump. In particular his financial crimes or what they believe dubious financial crimes. And his business interests in other words they have found nothing. On the Russia collusion front. So instead of now going after him for what they said they were now they're just looking for a crime. Any crime to bring down the president my friends enough is enough. Robert Mueller has loaded his team up with some of the best lawyers in the country. They are Obama donors to Hillary donors in fact one of mom is in fact Hillary's personal lawyer. And now they brought on board great Andrus. Whose only job whose only mission. It's a goal after financial. Fraud. In other words they want trump to open up his books. The Trump Organization. Trumps real estate business they wanna go after his. Tax returns that he hasn't released. They want to bring him down no longer on Russia but on anything they can find. My friends. Mueller is head hunting. And this is a slow motion coup. To overthrow. Eight duly elected president. And a fine president trump I got to move before Mueller takes me down mister president. You get an attorney general. Horry deputy attorney general. Who is willing to fire Robert Mueller because I'll tell you this if they move to impeach this president. You will CA backlash. And I will leave his backlash. Political resistance. Mass Civil Disobedience. Protests on the streets. That won't make the Vietnam War anti war movement look like a Sunday picnic. My friends. Trump won fair and square. And it's about time the Democrats. Learned to live with it and that's their truth. On trump.