President Trump Update: August 3rd, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, August 3rd

Trump believes America is losing in Afghanistan. Trump has a heated meeting with his top generals. Trump wants to pull out of Afghanistan. Should he?


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On fall we'll just sooner. Is the war in Afghanistan lost. I mean is it time to bring our troops home. This is now the question that Donald Trump is asking. All of his top generals. According out to multiple media reports. Trump had an explosive heated meeting with many of his key generals. General James Mattis. National security advisor Mick master saying that he sees no plan for victory. That there is no light at the end of the tunnel my friends the president is right. Afghanistan. Is our longest war. Longer even than Vietnam. Is now the sixteenth year. We have wonk in trillions of dollars. Our troops continue to be murdered and maimed and all the while the Taliban. Are winning. At best it is now a stalemate. And the big mistake we made was nation building. It is one of the most primitive impoverished. Sectarian only divided some societies and countries on the face of the earth. My friends. It's over. Let's focus on nation building at home and let's put America first. Marine the boys home. Knoll more unnecessary. Endless wars Afghanistan has become. Our Vietnam. And trump is completely right. No more American bodies. And blood should be shed in the caves and mountains of Afghanistan. We have now been there wait too long and you know what else. As our boys are doing the fighting and the dying and the bleeding. And as we spend trillions of dollars you know almost scooping up all the mineral wealth and all the minerals of joy of Afghanistan. China that's right. So we paid the price. And the Chinese get all the benefits. No way. Bring dull boy he's home. Trump is right. And that's the truth on trump.