President Trump Update: August 31st, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, August 31st

President Trump held a speech where he talked about tax cuts for Americans. He says he wants to work close with Congress to get tax reform done. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. You need a tax cuts. President trump was in Missouri yesterday pushing his major tax reform plan. The centerpiece of his economic agenda. And it's very simple. He wants to slash taxes for middle working class Americans. Yes. Cut cut taxes for businesses and corporations. Yes. And he wants to repatriate trillions of dollars in profits. The corporation's top around the world how than pay a one putt prime pacs and then bring them into the United States. Yes. They are sitting on trillions of dollars of cash. All of these tax cuts won't engender a massive economic boom in investment. And jobs. Listened to the president. We're here today to a larger plans to bring back the main street by reducing the pricing tax burden on our companies and or our workers. I wanna work with congress. Republicans and Democrats alike on a plan that is pro growth. Pro jobs. Pro worker and pro American. I am fully committed. To working with congress to get. This job done and I don't wanna be disappointed by congress do you understand. You had me. Add hell low. My friends to the American people American workers and American businesses. Are overtaxed and over regulated. And if you don't believe me listen to this story by my friend Terry Jeffrey he now has a column out. Based on the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics. Listen to this. The average American household or couple. Pace 101400. Dollars a year in taxes federal state and local. That is more than what average American households or families pay in food and clothing. Combined. They only paid 9000 dollars a year for what they eat and what they Wear my friends. The American taxpayer. Is drowning and he needs some relief he needs a lifeline. And when you really think about it. How much you're paying in food. Clothing shelter your home education. Everything obamacare rising healthcare costs. We're living check to check. Most Americans can barely get by my friends it's our money. And it's about time somebody put it back in our pockets and that's the truth on trump.