President Trump Update: August 30th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, August 30th

Did Trump show a lack of empathy? The media attacked Trump for not crying and hugging enough people in Texas. Kuhner says President Trump acted perfectly at the time. Do you?


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On fall we'll just sooner. Trump show its lack of empathy. This is now what CNN in the mainstream media are accusing the president. In the wake of this speech to the beleaguered and besieged people of Texas. Listened to president trump tell the people of Texas. We will rebuild. And will be better and stronger than ever. A OK okay. You back into. Operating immediately. We thank you everybody that we don't want it turn out. And thank the governor. But we just wanted to thank you go here's David the garden. But hey we wanted to say hello. Then hey hey. Verdict very. But you know why it happened in Texas and. Who needs students. He. You can hear them cheering. President trump then raised the proud flag of Texas. And the audience the people listening to trump went out solo. Lead jubilant I mean they loved it. Pumping their fists. It was inspirational. It was decisive. It was this speech almost church Chilean. Whereby by waving that Texas flag he was telling everybody in Texas we are all Texans now and no matter what. We will come out of this stronger and better then ever. And Tim mean what is remarkable. Is that even though Trump's speech was extremely well received not only by the governor by a local authorities in mayors but most importantly. By the pork people of Texas. The media could not stop their constant nay saying and Smyth being this time he didn't cry. I kid you not he didn't cry he wasn't hugging people. He wasn't promoting enough my friends we don't need a counselor in chief. We need a commander in chief. And I want you to think about this. When Churchill stood up to Hitler. And V I loved the buffalo we're dropping bombs over London was she going around hugging all ladies and having them cry on his chest no. When FDR. Demanded total victory against Hitler's armies we see going around having people cry on his chest know when Harry Truman. Wind down victory over Japan and where's he going around asking people to cry on his chest no. This is old school leadership. Where what matters are not words and emotions. But actions and deeds. FEMA is already pouring in money millions are already being allocated. Already now the governor and others have said they have gotten more in terms of aid and assistance and they even requested. Trump has vowed to rebuild. All of the flood ravaged areas of southeastern Texas. My friends what we now have is an old school leader. He values himself. And he judges himself. Not by his words. But by his actions and deeds. And that's the truth on trump.