President Trump Update: August 2nd, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, August 2nd

President Trump unveils the RAISE Act. This will encourage immigrants to come in with skills to work and be a part of the American dream.


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The troops on trough we just sooner. Trial now makes his. My friends any dramatic. Dramatic display. Of Trump's seriousness about his America first agenda. He has now introduced what is being called the rays act. But essentially re forming the legal immigration not illegal the illegal immigration system. And added score is now gonna change immigration from a it has been since 1965. Due to Ted Kennedy's immigration act. From a family reunification. System. That rewards. Cheap labor. Unskilled labor and essentially people who comment that don't speak English many of whom go on welfare. To the exact opposite. It wants to cut. Immigration by half. And have it as a merit based system. Whereby we encourage people who come in with skills. Technical expertise. High education. In other words people who are ready willing and able. To get jobs. And becoming productive members of society. And the big one. He wants people who will come and who can speak and are willing to speak English. And not go on welfare. Listened to president from roll it Britain. The rays act it is chain migration. And replaces our low skilled system where they knew points based system. For receiving a green card. This competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak English. Financially support themselves and their families. And demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. The rays act prevents Nomar grants a new immigrants from collecting welfare. And protects US workers from being displaced. Bingo. In other words. It's an immigration policy. That puts workers first. It puts Americans first. And it puts America first. My friends. I love it and the question now is will the Republicans and Democrats in congress supported. If you say your for the little guys. The working man in working woman of America. They knew should be supporting the rays act all the way. And that's the truth. On trump.