President Trump Update: August 29th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, August 29th

President Trump visited Texas to see the damage of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. President trump. It's Texas. Sent already the liberal media net. Amber wasting an opportunity. To take it to the president there are already claiming this is somehow his fault. How was this trumps fall. And more than not if you're looking for anybody to blame let me tell you who they should be looking to. And that is the block Democrat mayor Sylvester turner of Houston. And my friends I'm gonna get in trouble for saying it but I don't care from money or speak the truth what's the point of leaving behind this microphone. If he was a white Republican nevermind they are at trump supporting Republican. His face and his main would be in every home throughout the country the media would be. Spinning on the guy. Because this is the same mayor who won Friday. When Texas governor Arabic openly said. That hurricane Harvey is on a path. From Corpus Christi to Houston and if anybody can they should evacuate. And instead the Houston mayor Sylvester turner contradict. Did Hobbits. And plead. And said whatever you do don't leave stay. Don't go anywhere. And then two days later. After the rain. Though flooding almost four feet of water with people now trapped in their homes. Trapped on cars fighting for their lives people already dying and dozens going missing. He then says OK now it's time to evacuate. I evacuate where. They're already trapped in the water that time to evacuate was before hurricane RV not during hurricane RB. And incredibly. Despite his irresponsible. Reckless leadership. Where he didn't even Warner or ask that elderly be moved out. They disabled be moved out those in flooding prone neighborhoods be moved out. He still defends. His you're responsible. Decision. To not have ordered an evacuation. Listened to him I as the bodies are piling up saying. I did nothing wrong and roll it. Brick when there is this president. This is. Which you have to be back. Quite frankly every name but every and you receive water and everybody. We know respect. You can't put in the city Houston Cleveland having me people who wrote. That is today. But Houston Harris Harris. Right about that. When you give back these guys can you do they can put. Six point I mean people. If you think this situation right now it's back. You get an odd to evacuate. You look you in a. Incredible. You can order 2.5 million people believed used and you just can't go well but you can leave them where it's all the flood will take care of them. I this guy honestly where we see when god was handing I'll bring its. So it's better to stage in an area. Where 2.5 million people are gonna be flooded they're going to be hit by a massive flood there it is for them to leave before the flood comps. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder. And now as the flood rains come. And as hurricane army continues to pound Houston and southeastern Texas with the rescue workers working around the clock. Nobody should blame president trump. You wanna blame somebody for the growing death poll it's very simple his name is Houston mayor Sylvester. Turner. And that's the truth on trump.