President Trump Update: August 22nd, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, August 22nd

Trump laid out his Afghanistan policy last night. Kuhner doesn’t support Trump’s new policy. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. America first or Afghanistan. First. That is the question after president Trump's first address to the nation. Where he told the American people last night. Then he will now escalate the war in Afghanistan. They're going to be adding at least 4000 more troops. They're going to be much much more aggressive in going after ices that Taliban al-Qaeda. They will loosen the rules of engagement. I Strom put it the error of nation building in Afghanistan. Is over. We were here tick kill. Another fundamental pillar of our new strategy. Is the integration. Of all instruments of American power. Diplomatic. Economic. And military. Toward a successful. Outcome. Some day after an effective military after. Perhaps it will be possible to have a political settlement that includes elements of the Taliban and Afghanistan. But nobody knows if or when. That will ever happen. America will continue its support for the Afghan government. And the Afghan military as they confront the Taliban. In this field. My friends. I know that the president is sincere. I know that he probably has very good intentions. But we have been there are now for over sixteen years. It is America's longest war. And the question I have for trump and the generals. And his was clearly being pushed on him by Mick master Mattis and Kelly. Is if we could not win under George W. Bush without a 100000 troops or Obama with a 100000 troops. How can we win now with thirteen thousand troops. We have about 8500. Troops already in Afghanistan. You throwing another let's say 4000 as they're planning. You're barely at thirteen 1013. Thousand Asian nowhere near enough to win. And so instead the war Asia is gonna continue. It's going to be a prolonged conflict. In guerrilla war Americans will continue to Dalai. And my question now is this how many more have to die for and obviously losing and failed war. We have spent over rate trillion dollars in Afghanistan. 2200. American troops dead. Over 20000. Wounded many of them maimed and crippled. And this is gonna go on and on and on my friends. President trump campaigned. On putting America first. To stop our endless wars in the Middle East to pull us out of Afghanistan. And instead he is doubling down. Not just in Afghanistan. But now we have troops in Yemen. More troops are going into Syria into Iraq we have still a war in Libya. Or potentially going to be at war in North Korea. And now general Mattis once the confront Russia overreached during Ukraine how many wars can we possibly fight. This is an empire. And Afghanistan. Is the death of vampires. President trump. We didn't vote for more war. We voted for nation building at home. Bring the boys home. Knoll more war in Afghanistan. And dots in the truth on trump.