President Trump Update: August 21st, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, August 21st

A woman was assaulted by Antifa at the Boston Free Speech rally. Marty Walsh claims it was a peaceful protest. President Trump praises Marty Walsh. Kuhner wants the old Trump back.


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On fall we'll just sooner. Plus free speech shutdowns. In Boston. The answer my friends is yes. In the wake of the massive counter demonstration. Whereby 40000. Quote unquote anti fascists. Descended upon the city of Boston to GAAP protests Dirk count third demonstrate. Against a free speech rally. When everything is said and done. The rally goers were blocked and prevented from attending to free speech rally. Most of those that were so are exposed to speak at the rally or even prevent it from by and my friends many of the rally goers were spat upon. Porsche shoved. And the question is this. Who worried those people attending the rallies and in particular who were the speakers. Because if you listened only to the mainstream media and you listen only to black lives matter and a and and the thugs that showed up. But in that that tens of thousands shutting down the streets of Boston and descending upon the comments you would think. Those were neo Nazis and white supremacists. But in reality. One of the schedules speakers. Was a Bernie Sanders First Amendment lawyer so what is Bernie and me on not seek. Another one where Shiva. IG adoring. And Indian American businessman. Who is running for the Republican nomination. To challenge Elizabeth Warren so let me get this straight. An Indian man is now white supremacist. Another one was Donnie Palmer. An African American professional boxer and a vet. Whose big issue he lives in Dorchester. Is crime and drugs and cleaning up the streets in Dorchester. Sort of put it crudely is a black guy now white supremacist. There was a libertarian congressional candidate. There was even Garrett Kirkland and anti war activist his big issue is the war in Syria so. If you're opposed to the war in Syria are you now in the on hot seat. Nobody questioned whether it's the rallies itself had anything to do with white supremacy. They just assumed debt. And then go mob came out the left wing fascist mob. And then when he more roll eighty shows up her name is sue. Waving an American flag and T for thugs surrounded her. They punched her. They hid her they slander to the ground and as they try to rip the flag out of her they dry leader on this street. And on the grass. Yelling Nazi and white supremacists. Spinning in her face. Listen politician who describe her ordeal. Roll it Brittany. And Ali gently stir in the capital and the steps since some girl pushed me. So between god is that moved down to that. To be playground. So we did do we just kind of by the Chinese anywhere near other people and every time we have the flag up where people would surround mixing groups. And they would swear. And kick and throw things Netanyahu latter sentence. One guy easy cycle punish you mean is grabbing my athletic. Because I had it at that time around my neck cold and it. And I wouldn't know about to let you go so low even told me he told me with a flag and then my husband and another marine. Veteran they got the blame back and then I let it happen to look considered kid I do. No dice arm again but I just had result of about one in need to black. Shameful. And the mayor says the protests were peaceful. And the media says all these counter demonstrators were peaceful. When an old lady just all her crime was was displaying the American flag is a literally salted. In the middle of the day at Boston Common by and he far left wing fascist thugs. And nothing is done. And what's even worse. You wanna see the cost of banning leaving the White House here reading is already. He was out last week. Ensuring the actual protest when this poor woman was being assault that. President trump weeded out quote I want to applaud the many protesters in Boston. Who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will com soon together as one Mr. President with all due respect. Those people on the streets. Are bigotry and hate. Bigotry and hate against you. Against people like shoe against conservatives against libertarians. Against anybody who is not a radical leftist. Mr. President. You should have called them out and you didn't. And to me that's a failure in presidential leadership. We want the old trump the priest Steve Manning trop not the post Steve banning trump. And that's the truth. On trump.