President Trump Update: August 18th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, August 18th

Steve Bannon is leaving the White House. He will be going back to Breitbart. Kuhner believes this will be a mistake.


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On fall we'll just sooner. Then in the news out. That's right. The White House now officially announces that they have mutually agreed. The chief of staff general Kelly and Steve man in that band ends alas today will be today Friday. My friends make no mistake about it. This is a blow for populists. For conservatives. And for America first Ers trump was the ideological. Obviously the voice of the America first movement but Dan and was the ideological. Anchor. And by getting rid of him the global lists have scored a decisive victory. You have the global list in the White House Jared Kushner wanted him out. Gary call on their head of the National Economic Council and really be representative of the Goldman Sachs faction they wanted him out. And the key that decisive voice were those of the generals. He HR McMaster national security advisor general Kelley all wanted him out why. Because the stories being run on bright part that exposed nick masters ties to the establishment. To John McCain. To Obama. And obviously his loathing and hatred for Israel. Inflamed the generals and they blamed all of these stories on Bannon and sold the long knives were out. Combine that with the fallout from Charlottesville. Where the media were going after Bannon saying he's a white nationalist. He's a white supremacist. He's the reason why allegedly trump was soft. On his comments regarding Charlottesville. And eventually bad and became sold toxic trump felt he had no choice but to cut him loose. My friends. I like Steve Bannon. And I think he's gonna have a very bright future a bright part. In many ways he may even be more effective outside the White House then in the White House. In terms of pushing his America first movement on trade on immigration. On foreign policy on borders. But as for trump himself. I think there's no doubt about it. He is now opened himself up to real serious damage to the White House and do the administration. And my fear is that the global this may be slowly starting to take over. If I were the president I would not have cut Bannon loose. And it may be a decision. That the president comes to regrets. And that's the truth. On trump.