President Trump Update: August 16th 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, August 16th

President Trump addressed Charlottesville protesters. He blamed both sides. Kuhner agrees. Do you?


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On fall we'll just sooner. I have been waiting many years. Great presidents cup finally stand up to the media center the forces of political correctness. And Donald Trump dated. Beautifully. In any impromptu press conference. Delivered a trump tower in Manhattan he was asked. What do you make of your original statement. Will you apologize for blaming both sides. Instead of apologizing. Trump doubled down home roll it Brittany. What about the alt left they came charging at the as you say the all right do they have any. Semblance of guilt. I ask you this what about the fact that came charging that they came charging with clubs in the hand swinging clubs do they have any. Problem I think they do this. And that was a horrible horrible day. Wait a minute I'm not finished. I'm not finish make is that was a horrible day. I watched this very closely much more closely than you people watched it. And you have he you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group and the other side that was also very violent. And nobody wants to say that but I'll say it right now. Latter group you had a group on the other side they came charging in without apartment and they were very very violent. What did he say that was factually inaccurate. This is the challenge I'm making to liberals and the entire media establishment. Because they are now condemning trump statements on Charlottesville when in fact. What he said was not just a 1000% accurate it's actually indisputable. Did black lives matter and anti for a arrive each team for a fight yes. Did they not have a permit for their counter protest yes. Were they not carrying sticks batons. To rule by force hell homemade flame throwers yes. Where there not many of them you could see it on the screen wearing helmets and and the black fatigues. Yes. We're there not pictures of them beating up the white supremacists. Clubbing them on the head yes. In other words it took tool that tango. And the liberal media are refuses. To admit. That the black lives matter and BNP for terrorists we're there. Two goal after the neo Nazis and the white supremacists. And so had the police done their job. Instead of standing down and separated the two warring camps and most importantly. Had black lives matter and anti for not showed up Heather hair would be alive today. Trump rightly condemned it neo nazism. White supremacy. And the kkk. But his big sin in the eyes of the media was that unlike any other Republican leader. He did not cave and surrendered to them. He did not bow at the altar of liberalism. He called out the alt left for the violent criminals. And frogs that they are. And I salute the president for his courage. Bravery. And honesty. And dots the truth. On trump.