President Trump Update: August 11th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, August 11th

Mitch McConnell blames President Trump for not passing healthcare. Kuhner blames McConnell since he had seven years to get it done. 


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The troops on trough we just sooner. Mention this situation McConnell. For roles president trump under the bus that's right. Citing a recent event in Kentucky. Unbelievable. This senate majority leader said that the do nothing congress. It's doing fine. But the problem is is that the president has quote unquote excessive. Expectations. Because he's not a politician McConnell says he hasn't been doing this long enough to understand. That legislating. It's a complex process. My friends. The only one that has excessive expectations. Is us thinking they would actually honor their promises. And fulfill their pledges. President trump is completely right. The Republicans. And that includes you Mitch had over seven years. To put together a repeal and replace plan and then over the last seven months. As you controlled house the senate where if a White House that the president is now willing to sign a repeal and replace bill. EU squandered it all the way you blew it. And instead of taking responsibility. And saying we messed that up we lied to the American people we couldn't get it done you are trying to blame the president. Trump is right he expects and demands results. And the only people here that had any honor is the president. And if Mitch shed any honor he would offer his resignation. Effective. Immediately. My friends it's trying to drain the swamp. And Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Orion. Are one of a pop snakes and alligators. In that swamp and dots the truth. On trump.