President Trump Update: August 10th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, August 10th

North Korea threatens to fire missiles towards Guam. What should President Trump do?


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On fall we'll just sooner. North co. Career. Now says it will launch missiles against Guam that's rife. The escalation with North Korea has now hit a very dangerous level. President trump has now come out and said may be his fire and fury rhetoric did not go far enough. And as this is all happening. North Korea now issues a statement. Eight chilling statement my friends that says. Only absolute force. Ken war with trump. And sores they are now threatening. A possible attack on the United States. North Korea deet tails back next week they will launch four missiles. Just outside of Guam in particular. They say the missiles will land. Outside about 24 miles from Guam. Show us beyond US territorial waters. Okay my friends here is what I think now the president needs to do. The time for tough talk is over. What the president needs to do is say this if it goes the missiles are launched. They will be shot down every single one of them. And god forbid. If they overshoot their mark and either landing US territorial waters or land on Guam itself. That will be considered an act of war. And they've got should take place then all options are on the table. And what I would tell China is very simple. If it goes the missiles land outside of the United States outside of Guam we are gonna new go up South Korea. You'll seen nukes all over the South Korean country right along the DMZ. This walked as a deterrent against the mad midget. And able also put a deterrent on China and finally. Maybe it's time to send any special operations force to assassinate. And take out the crazy frat kid. And that's the truth on trumped.